Lobstick Literacy & Learning Society (LLLS) contributes to a Learning Alberta, by collaborating with numerous organizations and by mobilizing professionals and volunteers. LLLS believes in community partnerships and appreciates all of the great work done by local groups.

We serve the people and communities of Fallis, Seba Beach, Gainford, Entwistle, Evansburg, Wildwood, MacKay, Niton Junction, Carrot Creek, Fulham and Peers. LLLS is one of over 80 Community Adult Learning Programs in Alberta and receives core funding from Alberta Advanced Education.

We are a member of the Community Learning Network, who supports us in our work towards excellence in community-based learning. Lobstick Literacy & Learning Society is governed by a volunteer board, which is made up of a group of dedicated individuals who contribute their time, energy and ideas to help make our community a great place to live and learn.

Lobstick Literacy & Learning Society receives the majority of its funding from Alberta Advanced Education.

Past Chair Person Shannon, Minister Nicolaides, and Nancy


Shannon, Donna, Vera and Nancy below.