The following training opportunities can be set up one-on-one or for a small group. 

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Effective communication is more than exchanging words. It is about picking up on the intentions and emotions that go along with the words. It is not only how you speak a message so that it is received and understood by someone in the exact way you intended, it is also how you listen to understand the full meaning of what is being said and making the other person feel heard and understood. Learning effective communication tools will make a big difference in negotiating and will increase your confidence.


Public speaking is considered to be one of the top fears. It can be very overwhelming and frightening, and many of us avoid it completely. However, the ability to speak well, one on one, or to the masses, can be one of the most important tools in the “toolbox” of your life. Come learn how to overcome your fears, articulate your thoughts and deliver words that have the ability to advance your career, open doors to fresh opportunities, build and strengthen relationships and much more!


Does wondering and worrying about what others think about you influence how you are living your life? Do you wish you had more confidence in situations or dealing with other people? Self-confidence is a feeling of trusting in one’s abilities, qualities and judgment. In this class you will learn tools to increase your personal self-confidence, which will create more happiness in your world.


We can help you study for your learner’s test, by utilizing the Clear Language Driver’s Guide. This publication is your guide to understanding road rules, preparing you for your Alberta driver’s license test and to driving safely.


What is the real issue when:

  • A rich person hoards money?
  • Responsible individuals go into debt?
  • A friend is always borrowing money?
  • Someone never let’s others pay the bill?
  • Couples argue over finances?

Is money the problem? No! Its money habits and attitudes!

Would you like to discover the real issues that make people argue, act irrationally or keep them from reaching their financial and life goals? If you do, we would like to share a fun and easy way to help you understand how you save, spend, earn, invest, go into debt and give away money.


Would you like to learn more about how:

• Needs and wants impact spending habits;

• To identify and track expenses;

• To build a budget based on income and expenses;

• To set short and long term goals that fit within a budget?

Training fees are $15/hour, but there is funding available to those who qualify. Please contact us at 780.727.4077 or lobsticklls@gmail.com to set something up!

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